How To Jump Higher

Hi, my name is Jason & I first wanted to start off by thanking my good friend Adam Folker for coming up with the content I’m about to share with you that showed me how to jump higher and helped me start dunking crazy fast!


This was me after 9 weeks of using Vert Shock, and I can’t put into words how amazing it felt to get this high in the air. It felt so amazing because the previous years before using this gift from Adam, I was notorious for being un-athletic, but now I can jump higher than most folks – 37 inches to be exact (and still increasing).

Why am I showing you this? Well, to be honest I’m just very excited to share this valuable information. It wasn’t long ago when everyone thought it was 100% genetics; either you’re born with it or you’re not. But now, I see that this is NOT true and that everyone and anyone can achieve a high vertical leap. With Vert Shock, I promise you that you will jump 10 – 15 inches higher in just a few weeks (if you put in the work). Now that you know that it’s possible to learn how to jump higher quickly, there are no excuses. Go out there and work until you start dunking!

Watch the video below to learn how to jump 10 – 15 inches higher fast


Learning how to jump higher can be a hassle if you make it, but it really shouldn’t be. Once you understand the principles to a successful workout you will see how simple everything truly is in regards to increasing your vertical. But most of all, you have to work hard. Someone who works hard with improper workouts will still jump higher than someone who barely tries with the best workouts. The name of the game is work hard and stay persistent.

Here is a birds-eye view of the whole process:

Step 1: Exercise

Pretty basic stuff, your muscles aren’t going to build themselves are they? I’d say your effort matters just as much if you want to jump higher. Scroll below to see more exercises but trust me, you’ll need something more serious. I suggest you get your exercises from the program I mentioned above.

Step 2: Nutrition

An extremely underrated aspect of increasing your vertical leap. Nutrition is to exercise what a pen is to paper; one isn’t too useful without the other. This is because when you work out you create micro-tears in your muscles, and you need to replenish them quickly with protein.

Step 3: Rest

Just like nutrition, this too is underrated. Once you understand that your muscles require time and material (protein) to increase in mass, you will then have a good enough understanding to become successful and increase your vertical.

Now to break it all down:

1. Exercise

When you think “how to jump higher” exercise is usually the first thing that pops into your head. You can’t really get any results without it. There are many different exercises to jump higher, but you need to learn which ones target which muscles, why, and how they work together. There are plyometric exercises like depth jumps which help with speed, and there are power exercises like pistol squats which help with strength. Together, speed and strength will provide you with an explosive jump which all great athletes posses. To get the best exercises to jump higher and become the best basketball player you can be, get vert shock now.

See videos below for depth jumps and pistol squats:

More great power exercises to jump higher:

Calf raises (3 x 15 per leg)

Bulgarian split squats (3 x 15 per leg)

Squats (3 x 10)

More great plyometric training exercises:

Chair rockets (3 x 15 per leg)

Lunge jumps (3 x 15 per leg)

Rim jumps (4 x 10)


So what do you eat when you want to know how to jump higher? Well, it doesn’t have to be bad, but you’ll probably have to give up the usual 2 a.m. burritos. The most important thing is to get your daily protein intake; usually 1 gram of protein for every pound of body fat. After that, you should cut out refined sugars and you might even want to cut your carbs, as this will cut down on your body fat making you jump higher. Diet is extremely important, and if you overlook it you won’t see results. 

Great foods when learning how to jump higher include (see more at vert shock) :






Whey protein shake


Now you don’t have to look like this guy (nor should you want to look like this guy), but you shouldn’t be out running marathons either. Your legs will be sore from working out and that’s their way of telling you “don’t stress me out”. As long as you’re not running, jumping, or doing anything that involves you flexing your muscles hard, you’ll be fine. Just remember, your legs do need rest and if you put them through too much, you might see negative results.

At the end of the day, the only thing you can control in life is effort. It doesn’t matter what you know, what matters is what you do. having the knowledge of how to jump higher l might make the difference between you getting paid to play sports, and you wishing you had more time to play sports. Remember to check out the jump program above, as I truly believe it will help you become extremely successful.

Good luck, hopefully you learn how to increase your vertical.